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You've seen videos from other sword companies that show their swords cutting rope, meat or other things like that. That may seem impressive, until you realize that the main job of a real weapon is to cut through steel armor and still be sharp enough to cut through what is underneath that armor. Not only will our swords do this, they will do much, much more. We can spend all day telling your how tough our weapons really are, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here you will find vidoes of our greatest advertisers, our own customers, using their own blades that they bought and paid for with their own money to perform all manner of destructive tests. We do not suppyly weapons to people for free for the purpose of making these types of videos. We don't have to bribe them or supply "test weapons" in case they break. Our weapons are designed to do this and they are covered by a comprehensive warranty in case anything does damage it.

You won't see those other sword manufacturers do this to their weapons, nor will you see their customers do this to the swords they bought with their own money from those other sword guys.

Why? Because they simply will not hold up, that's why, and the proof is right here on this page.

Got a great video of you doing something amazing with a Badger Blade? Upload it you and tag it "Badger Blades", then send a message to telling us about it and we'll embed the video here.