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Badger Blades News

Welcome to the Badger Blades News page. Here you will find out about updates to the webpage (so you don't have to go digging around aimlessly!) as well as news about what's going on with us, as well as up and coming products and events, so check here once in a while to see what's new.


7/5/16 - Site Updates

Brass Fit and Brush Finish blades are available for online order once again. All ordering links for BF and Brushed blades have been enabled once again.


1/29/16 - Site Updates

Show dates updated on the Show Schedule Page.


11/20/14 - Site Updates

Show dates updated on the Schedule Page.


2/6/14 - Site Updates

More shows added to the Schedule Page, Atlanta Blade Show and Combatcon!

Also all of the product pages have been updated with current pricing as well as new finish options on the Bronze-fit models, the Brushed finish. No pics yet, but they should be coming along soon.


2/5/14 - Site Updates

The show schedule been updated with new shows added to the Schedule Page. Look for us at Gulf Wars, Norman Oklahoma, Witchita Kansas, as well as all the other shows we have going on. See you on the road!

Also, there's a lot of changes coming including a bunch of new swords, so keep a look out right here for new announcements.


10/1/13 - Site Updates

New video added to the Video Page.


10/20/12 - Site updates and Product News

Rapiers and their matching Maine Gauches debuted this fall at Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio, and Kansas City and were a big hit. Eight pairs were made in the first batch and nearly immediately sold out! Look for more coming next spring.

The Cutlass/Sabre page has been updated with the proper image for the All Steel Sabre. The Schedule page has been updated with the remaining 2012 dates and the upcoming 2013 dates.

Pendant Daggers are temporarily unavailable on the website due to matters beyond our immediate control. Once we get this straightened out they will be back. Watch this space for future updates.


3/21/12 - Rapiers are coming! Quick, throw them a towel!

That's right, you've been waiting for this time to come and it's pretty darn near. Badger is now working on the first batch of rapiers in a long time and he's collaborating with Shark from Black Hand Forge who will be doing all the hand guards for the new blades. Those of you who are familiar with Shark's work know this means they are going to be awesome. As the guys furiously pound and grind steel working on these fine new weapons they're hoping to have the first ones available sometime in May or June. So, you guys in Tennessee should make sure you come see us at the Tennesee Renaissance Festival for a chance at being the first to lay eyes on these beauties.

Also, Zombie Blades will be available on the site soon as well. Some of you who've been to some of our shows last season have had the pleasure of handling these babies, and now they'll be available on the web. Keep in mind, these are not regular production blades. They will be offered on an on demand basis, basically meaning, we might have them, we might not, but, if you order one Badger will make it on the spot and ship it to you. So check back with us once in a while and as soon as the new pages are up it'll be posted here.