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Custom Weapons

Owning a fully custom made weapon, built to your specifications, is a rare pleasure and an experience that cannot be parraleled by even the best commercial weapons. Our Master Smith, Badger, will work directly with you to make your dream weapon a reality. Custom pieces can range from just a light variation on a standard model, say a different crossguard and pommel, to a fully custom designed piece that will be unique to your specifications. Keep in mind, we only do bladed weapons. We do not do axes, maces, or other wood handled weapons in general, although some exceptions have been made in the past for halberds and the like. Contact us at for more information on special weapons that Badger is willing to make.

How To Order

To start the custom order process contact us at and state that you are interested in making a custom order. From that point you will be discussing the details of your weapon with our Master Smith, Badger, himself. Once the details are worked out we require a $1000.00 down payment to start work on your weapon. This may seem a bit daunting, but it is a good faith payment. We have had too many requests for custom orders that go unpaid for and custom work is not our main business. For every custom order produced regular production must cease in order for Badger to produce the weapon, so, not only does that particulary piece not get paid for, it costs us in lost production time as well. Your weapon may not cost the full $1000.00. If it is only a slight variation on a production piece then it will cost significantly less and you will be refunded the balance of your down payment on completion of the weapon. If, however, it is a highly customized piece and the final cost exceeds your down payment, then the opposite is true. The balance of the cost of the weapon must be paid by you before you weapon will be delivered. Delivery time for a custom weapon will vary depending on how busy Badger is and how intricate your weapon will be. Hand making a fully customized weapon is not a quick process, but well worth the wait. Below you'll find pictures of just a few of the many custom weapons that Badger has made. These by no means represent the full range of Badger's talents but are presented simply as a few examples.

Custom Blades