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Sword Care and Feeding

Congratulations on joining the ranks of the properly armed. Your purchase of a Badger Blade is one we believe should last you a lifetime, whether peacefully hanging over your mantle of happily dismantling your foes (or at least your foe's overpriced BMW).Real Steel Rusts. 440 stainless steel makes excellent cookware but is relatively useless on a battlefield. As we sell only 1095 High Carbon Steel blades, a certain amount of care is needed. A regular, light coat of oil and removal of fingerprints from the blade should keep it rust free. If your sword sees a mantle more than a scabbard, take it down and oil it at least once every few months. We recommend Choji oil It's the same formula the Japanese have used for hundred of years now and there's very good reason for this. If you don't have Choji, a dab of mineral oil works, gun oil also works in a pinch.

Light machine oil, 3-in-1 oil and even motor oil will work if there is nothing else available, Choji is a much better choice. Petroleum based oils are messy, stinky, and hard to clean up if you get it on you, your clothes, etc.. Choji washes out of clothing easily, soaks into your skin and just makes it softer and it smells pleasant. If you've ever been in our booth or tent at a Ren Faire, that's where the distinct scent of our booth comes from. It's very cheap and well worth the investment. When oiling your sword, you only need as squirt or two of Choji on a rag to wipe the blade with. You should have just enough oil on the blade to where you can see or feel that's just slightly wet. If using another type of oil, put a few drops on each side of the blade, then wipe it off with a rag. It's just that simple. Over time, shiny blades and brass will darken. If this is is distressing to you a decent metal polish (not silver polish) like Brasso or Never Dull should return the sword's brass fittings to it's original lustre and there are other polishes out there that will shine up the blade. Not that our customers would ever be guilty of neglect, buth should rust and age make your blade old before it's time, we will happily restore it's youth and vigor for a fee.

If you have light rust on the blade or on the steel fittings, a spray of Choji on the affected area should take care of it. Just give it a squirt or two, let it soak in for a minute or so, then wipe it vigorously with a rag and it should come right off. For more stubborn rust, use 000 steel wool. Get plain steel wool and not Brillo Pads, they have soap in them and we do not recomend them for use on our weapons since the soap can break down or remove the oil. Again, spray the affected area with a little Choji, let it soak in for a minute, then rub the rusted area with a steel wool pad and it should come right off.

With proper care and feeding your Badger Blade should outlast you. Just a few minutes every week or two will ensure your blade stays in excellent shape for many years to come.

Again, welcome to the ranks of the properly armed and may your Badger Blade serve you well for many years to come.