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About Us

A little bit about who we are and what we do


A Brief History of Badger Blades

  • Shane Madden working for Rob Jons, gets together with Paul "Gypsy", and Mike Foster. Eventually each goes his own way; Gypsy becomes Mad Blades, Mike Foster becomes Highland Steele, and Shane becomes Skycastles Swords.
  • 19xx, Badger goes to work for Skycastles, eventually becomes master bladesmith, making all the blades.
  • 1/1/2000 Imp and Badger form Badger Blades. First show is MNRF 2000.
  • The following January, Imp and Badger buy Skycastles.
  • 9/10/01 Mike Foster dies, Badger Blades picks up a number of his shows. Gypsy still does SCA events. Shark working for Skycastles, Bogg working for Skycastles.
  • Shark opens Shark's Cove, Bogg opens Ironwolf Blades.
  • 2003 Badger Blades buys Shark's Cove, Bogg leaves bladesmithing and opens tattoo shop.



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