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Welcome to Badger Blades online forge.

We are handcrafters of fully functional, combat ready swords, knives, daggers and various implements of destruction. All of our weapons are warranteed for the life of the smith against breakage of the blade, not because they are weak and we hope you don't break it, because they are the toughest blades you can buy for the money we charge.

Our blades have been used to chop apart old cars, engine blocks, bowling balls, appliances, concrete, trees, tire rims and just about anything else you can imagine including live steel stage combat.

We consider this to be normal use of our weapons. If you were to damage it, or break it during the course of these types of activities we will repair or replace it for the life of the smith free of charge.

For specific details please see our warranty

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4/18/18- Site Updates

Show dates are updated on the Show Schedule Page.

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